First Day of Hackbright!

Hackbright AcademyWhile I am attending Hackbright Academy’s Spring 2015 session, I will be using this space to track and process what I am learning (at least once each of the twelve weeks)! You can also connect with me via Twitter @rchdnn.

Today was full of intros and breakfast and fun and jokes and code. The space was full of excitement from an amazing group of women of all different backgrounds, and it was so fun to start hearing from each of our own perspectives.

The Terminal

In all of my time using computers, I’ve always been terrified of using the dreaded Terminal! Because of my lack of formal training (since most of my knowledge was self-taught/self-hacked), I had no idea what it was capable of, or what the purpose could possibly be. I’ve already started using it on my home computer, and was super excited just now when I completed our first Python homework assignment!

Pair Programming & Blockly

BlocklyIn our lab we partnered up for an afternoon of pair programming with Blockly. It did take a few minutes of back and forth and getting used to how each other works, but it was really useful in my becoming more comfortable in communicating with another developer and explaining what I was doing in code. While the Blockly maze game seemed super simple at first, the last one had my pair programming partner and I a little stumped. There were very excited “woohoos!” of success when we found the first two solutions (there are still a few alternatives I’m hoping to figure out)!

Overall, the day was packed full of information, but the incredible staff really made everything flow easily and I felt right at home. I can’t wait to see what we’ll be learning next. So much YAY! Stay tuned!


gualala, california

bodega bay, california

We left town early on Friday to drive up towards Gualala for a weekend of camping and exploring the beach. Gualala and that entire stretch of coast is by far one of our favorite places in Northern California. It was super gorgeous, with perfectly clear weather, and we lucked out with no campside neighbors — enjoyed our night in the complete, wild silence.

On our way back, we spotted a ton of surfers and fishing boats further down the coast, closer to Bodega Bay. It looked like the perfect weekend to be on the water.